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Exodus Double Dose

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Exodus Double Dose (pyrantel pamoate) is a dewormer paste with palatable apple flavor for greater acceptance by horses. Exodus Double Dose is a broad spectrum dewormer for effective elimination of large strongyles, small strongyles, ascarids, pinworms and even tapeworms (double dose). One syringe of Exodus Double Dose is sufficient to treat a 544 kg horse against tapeworms.

Exodus Double Dose

The Barn Blog

  • It is that time of the year when we start hauling our horses to shows, trail rides, breeding farms, races and all kinds of other equine events. There are certain precautions and preparations that we need to make of our equipment and horse.

    Truck and Trailer Preparation

    An inspection of the horse trailer would include:

  • Your horse is stiff, he sweats a lot, or sometimes he refuses to walk after exercice? It could be tying-up.

    Dr. Julie DAUVILLIER explains a little more about this syndrome.




  • What is a pre-purchase examination? At its core, it is an examination to determine the current health status of a horse being considered for purchase...

  • Historically, the most effective way to control parasites was believed to be by deworming every 8 weeks with a rotation of the class of active ingredient used. This approach has resulted in the development of resistant strains of parasites. Individual worms develop resistance to a particular drug due to random genetic mutation. Indiscriminate deworming kills off the competition and gives these worms an advantage for survival. The more frequently the horse is dewormed with the resistant chemical, the quicker the population of resistant worms increases.

Exodus Double Dose - 47,2 g